What It’s Like To Run A Jungle Marathon

In short, it’s brutal.¬†

Most people visit Brazil for its beaches or its crazy, “anything goes” Carnival night life, but for some runners, they visit South America’s largest country for one thing: pain.

ABC’s Nightline show recently went down south to film what it’s like for runners in the “Jungle Marathon”.

At 137 miles spread across seven days, the race is quite a bit longer than a marathon’s standard 26.2 miles.

Fifty-five-year old Shirley Thompson has been the race director for the past seven years.

” Let me see, I will be surprised if, well today I hope everybody will get through, but I would say that probably 65 percent,” she told the Nightline producer. “We’ll have at least a 35 percent drop out this year.”

Everything you carry with you–from jungle hammock to anti fungal spray–during the race has to be worn on your back.

This means most runners will be trekking with approximately 40 pounds.

One of the race’s participants was a former Miss Florida, Dr. Juli Goldstein. She has completed over 20 marathons and was completing the Jungle Marathon for the Wag Strong charity.

For More: ABC News

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