At 75, Frank Gagliano Continues To Coach The Best

Frank Gagliano has been coaching for 50 years. Photo: Runblogrun

He’d rather push a stopwatch than play golf.

Known affectionately as “Gags”, Frank Gagliano is a coaching legend. The 75-year-old has been mentoring runners for the past 50 years. His resume is impressive: 11 Olympians, 1 world-championship medal, and dozens of NCAA medalists.

Currently, he’s heading up the¬†Olympic-development New Jersey-New York Track Club in Piscataway, N.J.

“Some people like golf, some people take off to Florida,” Gags says. “I like clicking my stopwatch.”

Gagliano is currently coaching Julie Culley to her first half marathon, which took place yesterday in New York City.

“Nobody has had more continued success with mid-distance and distance runners beyond college than Gags,” said Vin Lananna, the associate director of athletics at the University of Oregon. Along with Gagliano, Lananna is the co-founder of the elite development Oregon Track Club. “No country in the world has something quite as established, funded, and organized as our high schools and colleges, but afterwards there’s this big void,” added Lananna.

Up until 2008, Gagliano was in Oregon, but moved to Westchester, NY, after his daughter-in-law fell ill with cancer.

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