Can You Run A Marathon With No Training?

The "Jedward" brothers recently completed the L.A. Marathon off no training. Photo: BBC

The BBC tries to answer the question.

There are many opinions about the right level of training necessary for running a marathon, but how about no training?

Is it possible to complete the 26.2-mile distance with no advanced preparation?

The BBC recently covered this topic and reported on two men,┬áJedward – aka John and Edward Grimes – who supposedly ran last weekend’s Los Angeles Marathon on a whim, straight off a flight, with no training whatsoever.

“Jedward” aren’t the only people who have made this claim.

When he was a competitive runner, David Bedford, the current director of the London Marathon, apparently decided to enter the 1981 edition of the race while in a nightclub during the early hours before the race.

Grandstand commentator David Coleman had challenged Bedford, who says he completed the race, but was filmed throwing up along the course after stopping.

But not all runners have been successful with this concept. Reality television star Jade Goody was hospitalized in 2006 after attempting the London Marathon with no substantial preparation.

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