Dathan Ritzenhein And Kara Goucher Heading To NYC Half

Dathan Rizenhein hopes to head to the Olympics on the track. Photo: PhotoRun.net

Both runners have different career objectives.

This weekend, some of America’s best distance runners will toe the line at the New York City Half Marathon.

Two of them, Dathan Ritzenhein and Kara Goucher, are in different places in their careers.

For Ritzenhein, this weekend’s race is a path towards making the Olympic team on the track. In January, the former University of Colorado standout placed fourth in the U.S. Olympic Trials Marathon–missing out by one place.

“It is such a different feeling now having to make the team five or six weeks beforehand on the track,” Ritzenhein said. “I think there is more pressure because you don’t have that time to shift focus. You want to think about doing well at the Olympic Games but you’ve got to get there first.”

For Goucher, things are different. She’s already made the U.S. Olympic marathon squad by placing third at the Trials. “It’s very different for me this time around,” she said. “[A] big part of that is that I am doing a different event, but I also have a different coach this time around, and different training philosophies.”

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