Students To Play Vital Role At Boston Marathon

Framingham High School spotters practice for the Boston Marathon. Photo: Millford Daily News

They are called “race spotters” and will deploy along the course next month.

In order to successfully pull off something like the Boston Marathon, there is a lot of “behind the scenes” work that has to happen. The Milford Daily News reports on a group of Framingham High School students who will be playing a vital role in the race.

Tim Kilduff, a former Boston Marathon race director, runs a company called Race SpotWatch that has groups of students out on the course to provide mile-by-mile updates.

“Without these kids out there, you run the risk of not being able to report the drama,” he said. Race SpotWatch has recruited about 100 of these “race spotters” to work the Boston Marathon.

In groups of three to four, the students will deploy along the course on Route 135 to call in race updates to WBZ TV Channel 4’s studio to report on where athletes are on the course as well as any race developments.

The spotter’s have their own lingo, calling the men’s and women’s runners “boys” and “girls” in order to avoid confusion.

For More: Milford Daily News

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