Après Running Footwear—5 Ways To Soothe Your Soles

What you put on your feet after the run can be just as important as what you wear during it. 

Like eating a piece of fruit for dessert, wearing comfortable footwear after a run can be both a reward for the effort preceding it and a health benefit.

And it doesn’t have to look bad, either.

The shoes included here all share the qualities of recovery comfort and fashion and, in some cases, even have the approval of the American Podiatric Association. With an emphasis on cush, the footwear in this gallery includes flips, slides, sandals, and step-ins.  They all make you say “ah” when you put them on, especially after a hard run when you’ve really left it out on the route.

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Depending on your preference or need for structure, arch support, something between your toes or not, warmth, breathability, the footwear offered here offers those qualities and does so with the best of materials, including antimicrobials, accommodating foams, natural-forming insoles, and fashion-conscious styles.

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