Boston Marathon Officials Happy Race Is Over

Despite warm temperatures, over 20,000 runners finished Monday's Boston Marathon. Photo: Associated Press

The heat made things even more stressful for organizers.

It’s hard enough running the Boston Marathon on a day with perfect conditions. But try doing it when there is unseasonable, mid-summer-like weather.

This is a potential nightmare scenario for the likes of Boston Marathon.

“This one was more stressful, because of the heat,” race director Dave McGillivray said on Tuesday. “You do the best you can, and then you have to go like this. You have to rely on so many things. I mean, this isn’t a beach volleyball tournament.”

The race’s overall winner, Wesley Korir, thought about strategy over speed. This helped him prevail.

“When they took off, I wish I had an opportunity to tell them, ‘You guys are crazy,’” Korir said. “I was not going to go with them. I thought about my daughter. I thought about my wife. I didn’t want to go to the hospital. I wanted to go home.”

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