More Intrigue Surrounding Sammy Wanjiru’s Death

Unfortunately, it seems the facts surrounding Sammy Wanjiru's death will never be known. Photo: Science of Sport

His mother thinks the police are involved in a coverup.

There are new developments dealing with the passing of the 2008 Olympic gold medalist in the marathon, Sammy Wanjiru of Kenya.

According a report filed on the Capital Sports Web site, Wanjiru’s family members alledge that he was the victim of a police execution.

Wanjiru’s mother, Anne, says her son was killed by security officers and that was why the report about her son’t death was never released.

She also says that influential people have kept her out of her late son’s financial dealings involving the management of properties in Nairobi.

Wanjiru’s widow,┬áTrizah Njeri, responded, saying these claims are unsubstantiated.

“I would also want to know who killed my husband if at all he was killed,” she added. “I also feel the watchman guarding the premises in the night of death should be investigated if he changes his version of the story with regard to what transpired on the fateful night.”

Sammy Wanjiru died of blunt trauma to the head last May after apparently falling from the second story balcony of his house.

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