New Balance Gets Creative With Boston Ads

The Boston-based company can’t mention the 26.2-mile race due to contractual constraints.

This news may be troubling to Boston Marathon purists, but a German-owned company, adidas, is allowed to advertise about the Boston Marathon when an American company, New Balance, isn’t.

To add insult to injury, New Balance is Boston-based.

But New Balance fans need not worry, because the company is doing everything it can, creatively speaking, to advertise for the race without directly mentioning it.

Adidas and the governing body of the Boston Marathon, the Boston Athletic Association, have a contractual agreement, which prohibits New Balance and other shoe companies from mentioning the race.

As a workaround, New Balance has craftily posted advertisements along the marathon’s route that use the slogan, “Let’s make it happen.”

The ads also mention well-known Boston course references such as “Qualified to Crush Kenmore” and “Qualified to Break Heartbreak.’

The advertisements are posted on buses and light-post banners.

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