The Next Wave Of Green: Athletes For A Fit Planet

  • By Sabrina Grotewold
  • Published Apr. 27, 2012
  • Updated May. 13, 2013 at 11:49 AM UTC
Compostable cups can reduce a race's carbon footprint.

Tips For Greening A Sports Event

Angela Huff, deputy director of the Marine Corps Marathon, offers advice on how she and her team achieved CRS silver certification twice.

  • 1. “Eliminate all paper and offer only online registration. This year, MCM opened online registration on March 7, and we sold out all 30,000 spots online in just two hours and 41 minutes.”
  • 2. “We recycle banners and make bags out of them. We’ve used these bags for runner bags, or as bags to donate.”
  • 3. “We now have environmentally friendly soap in all of our porta potties.”
  • 4. “We haven’t used a good bag for two years now—we have an online goody bag called the iGift bag. Runners get a link to it two weeks before the event, and they can download coupons and use coupon codes from it when they buy stuff at the expo.”
  • 5. “It’s important to find the right staff person or volunteer to step up and lead the green program. Have an entire group in place on race weekend that’s focused on the greening effort, otherwise, it doesn’t work.”
  • 6. “Tell everyone up front that it’s going to cost a little bit more to create a green product, and put that cost in the budget.”
  • 7. “Be organized and have a worksheet, and keep all of your information. That’s something I learned—the tonnage of recycling waste is very important data to keep from year to year because it’s what’s looked at. The first year, I scrambled, but from now on, I know where my information is.”
  • 8. “Get the community involved. We have a trash run. Every other Saturday, we have runners go out and pick up trash during their training runs when they’re gearing up for MCM, and a lot of them post this on our Facebook page.”
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Sabrina Grotewold

Sabrina Grotewold

Sabrina Grotewold is runner and editor based in southern California. Christened the Kitchen MacGyver by her husband, she’s determined to persuade people to eat their veggies.

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