New Book On Wanjiru’s Death Published

Details of Sammy Wanjiru's death will be made public in a new book. Photo: Tadias

Dutch journalist Frits Conijnch tries to bring light to the Olympic champion’s death.

The facts surrounding the mysterious death of Olympic gold medalist in the marathon, Sammy Wanjiru, may be coming to light in part due to a recently published book by Dutch journalist Frits Conijn.

A year ago, Wanjiru died from head wounds he suffered after falling from the second-floor balcony of his home in Kenya.

The book is titled Doodloper – Het tragische einde van Olympisch marathonkampioen Samuel Wanjiru. Translated, this means “Dead runner: The tragic end of Olympic marathon champion Samuel Wanjiru.”

The book was published on Tuesday, the first-year anniversary of Wanjiru’s passing. An English translation is expected soon.

Top running manager Jos Hermens wrote the book’s forward.

“I knew Samuel Wanjiru as someone with a perpetual smile on his face,” he penned. “This story clarifies the tragedy that was hiding behind it.”

Conijn co-wrote the book with Simon Maziku, a Tanzanian-born Dutch citizen. Both authors had access to members of Wanjiru’s inner circle. Not surprisingly, the authors found evidence of a cover-up.

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