GE, Facebook Launch HealthyShare App

The app is designed to help people jumpstart their fitness goals. 

To celebrate the London Olympic Games this summer, GE this week announced the launch of a new Facebook app called HealthyShare, which allows people to share health goals, track progress and connect with friends toward better health. The app works with top Olympic hopefuls and veterans in an effort to get people motivated to use the 17 days of the Olympic Games as a time to jumpstart their fitness goals.

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The app features several health and fitness challenges, including routines from elite athletes like Olympic gold medal sprinter Michael Johnson, NBA superstar Kevin Durant, women’s soccer player Alex Morgan, and Olympic gold medal swimmer Summer Sanders.

“The new GE HealthyShare Facebook app lets you tap into the power of community, allowing you to become better in whatever endeavor we take on, such as training for the Olympics or simply living a healthier lifestyle, says Johnson. “Everyone needs some extra encouragement every now and then to go the extra mile, so having a strong support system is key to achieving goals.”

HeathyShare will live on a Facebook user’s timeline and can be connected with friends to track progress and share tips alongside each profile.

“I couldn’t have gotten to where I am today without the people I respect challenging me to get to the top of my game,” says Durant, an Olympic hopeful for the 2012 men’s basketball team. “All it takes is that first step and pretty soon good fitness becomes a habit. I hope people will take my HealthyShare challenge and feel inspired to take that step.”

GE is a worldwide partner of the 2012 Olympic Games and works closely with the organizing committees, host cities and other partners.

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