Jungle Marathon Training For Urbanites

Urban runners now have the option to prepare for the UVU Jungle Marathon. Photo: UVU Jungle Marathon Web site

London and New York residents can now prepare for the Amazon.

For marathoners who can’t get enough adrenaline and sweat from 26.2 miles, there are other, tougher options–things like the Badwater Ultramarathon or the Western States 100.

But these races are typically held either on long, lonely stretches of road or along scenic trails.

How can runners who live in large cities like London or New York train for these types of races?

The New York Daily News is reporting about the UVU Jungle Marathon, the first and only extreme footrace in the Amazon, is now offering training sessions for urban runners.

Classes will be offered twice weekly from July to September. (The UVU Jungle Marathon is in October.) The runners will be incorporating street furniture, railings, and trees into their workouts.

“Make no mistake; this is not some occasional lunchtime exercise class to burn off a bit of holiday weight,” the event organizers say. “UVU Jungle Warrior will be hell. Mind and body will be pushed to the limit in ways that you never thought possible.”

For More: NY Daily News

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