2012 Spring-Summer Running Shoe Review

Photo: Scott Draper/Competitor

Use Competitor’s spring and summer running shoe review to find your warm-weather kicks! 

The minimalist movement continues to dictate the majority of design trends and upgrades in running shoes this spring. As more and more runners crave the barefoot experience, many shoe companies are responding by employing technology that encourages midfoot striking in cushioned, neutral and stability shoes.

Before using this shoe review, ask yourself a few key questions:

* Is my foot narrow or wide?

* Do I like a close fit in the toe box or would I prefer to have some wiggle room?

* Do I like a soft feeling underneath my foot or do I prefer the responsiveness of the road?

* Am I a heel striker or do I land more on my midfoot or forefoot when running?

* Do I want my foot to move freely or would I rather have a more controlled ride?

* What sort of training am I doing—do I need a lightweight running shoe or a more substantial shoe?

After answering these questions, use the Fit, Feel and Ride feedback provided by our experienced test team to help you home in on the right pair of shoes for your foot type. Then, head to your local running store to test them out.

Note: Weights provided for men’s size 9 and women’s size 7 shoes. 

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This running shoe review first appeared in the April 2012 issue of Competitor magazine. 

2012 Spring-Summer Running Shoe Test Team: Courtney Baird, Cielestia Calbay, Mario Fraioli, Sabrina Grotewold, Aaron Hersh, Linzay Logan, T.J. Murphy, Jene Shaw

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