Evan Jager Relives His Steeple Record

Evan Jager can't stop thinking about his new American record. Photo: PhotoRun.net

The Portland-based American can’t stop recalling his memorable race.

The men’s steeplechase event at last week’s Herculis Meeting International d’Athletisme was a footrace between Kenyans, but in the mix was Evan Jager.

Even though Jager finished three seconds behind the winner, he still did something worth remembering: breaking Dan Lincoln’s American record.

His finishing time was 8:06.81, nearly two seconds better than the old mark.

“I think I just ran 8:06,” he remembers thinking.

A day after the race, RunBlogRun’s Jon Gugala caught up with Jager for an interview.

“I could not sleep at all last night,” he recalls.

Jager is a former University of Wisconsin standout who ran with the likes of Matt Tegenkamp and Chris Solinsky. Like his teammates, he came out to Oregon to follow his college coach, Jerry Schumacher.

Jager admits that the steeplechase isn’t a priority event in the U.S.

“The stigma in the U.S. is it’s left to runners that can’t hack it in the 5K or the 15 [1,500-meters]. It’s the ugly step-sister of the distance events,” he says. “I think that it’s unfortunate that that’s the case. I don’t think it should be left that way.”

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