Mo Farah: Britain’s Rising Star

Mo Farah is the best British hope for a distance medal in the upcoming Olympics. Photo:

Even though he was born in Somalia, Mo Farah is as British as they come.

With the London Olympics taking place in a matter of weeks in Mo Farah’s old stomping ground, there is little doubt that the 28-year-old will do everything he can to win a gold medal.

Maybe even two.

Farah currently resides in Portland, Oregon and is coached by the former New York City and Boston Marathon champion, Alberto Salazar.

At the Olympics, Farah has committed to run the 10,000m — an event he’s well suited for.

“I am going to run the 10,000 for sure because it is the first race,” he said. “I will see how I feel after that. It depends how I come off in the 10,000. I would like to be fresh and not have any niggles.”

Farah became the first British athlete to win a world distance title when he secured gold in the 5000m at the IAAF World Championships in Daegu, South Korea last year.

He immigrated to Britain from Somalia when he was eight years old.

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