Portland’s The Place For Mo Farah

Mo Farah topped the field in the 10,000 meters at last year's Pre Classic. Photo: PhotoRun.net

He’s been training hard in the rain.

Anyone who has lived in Portland, Oregon, knows that there is no escaping one thing: the persistent rain.

British long-distance running ace, Mo Farah, is no different, but he seems to like it.

In a recent news article posted on Yahoo Sports, the Somali-born Farah says the rain doesn’t affect him that much.

“It might rain there,” Farah said. “But when it is raining and cold it is not too bad. … I don’t mind the rain as long as it is not too windy.”

In August, for example, it rains on average, 10 days a month.

In the past year, Farah has been in Portland. He relocated his family there and put all his trust in American coach Alberto Salazar.

“Head down and concentrating,” Farah says of his hard training. “Rather than doing anything else, also in terms of media and everything else, I am on the other side of the world and concentrating on training.

“Eat, sleep, train.”

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