My Top-10 Olympic Track & Field Trials Moments

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I just returned home to San Diego after spending 11 days in Eugene, Oregon covering the U.S. Olympic Track & Field Trials. It was an exciting, drama-filled stretch of competition that kept me and many others on the edges of our seats for the duration of the meet.

My favorite races to watch, of course, were the middle distance and distance events. Not to take anything away from the other incredible performances that took place in Track Town, U.S.A., from June 21 through July 1, such as Ashton Eaton’s thrilling world record in the decathlon or Allyson Felix’ dominating win in the women’s 200 meters, the events from 800 meters through the 10,000 are always the ones that get me the most excited!

In this photo gallery, I share my top-10 moments from what was arguably the most memorable Olympic Trials to date. You may or may not agree, so please share with me YOUR top moments from last week’s Olympic Track & Field Trials in the comments section below. It’s always fun to talk track and compare picks!

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