2012 Trail Running Shoe Review

Photo: Scott Draper/Competitor

Salomon XR Mission, $110


Weight — M: 11.5 oz.; W: 9.9 oz.

Fit: A crossover shoe made for runners who are used to running in road shoes or who are just starting to run more trails, the XR Mission fits snug in the heel and the midfoot, but slightly loose in the toebox. Thin cord laces and friction-free eyelets allow you freedom to easily customize your fit with one pull.

Feel: Stepping into the soft, cushy interior and cinching down the laces of the XR Mission creates a distinctly supportive base. It has a thick single-density midsole and extra-wide base, and winds up on the heavier side of the trail shoe spectrum, which translates to stability on the trails.

Ride: The Mission is copiously cushioned, but instead of being mushy, it feels slightly firm and responsive. While it’s not a good choice for steep craggy mountain trails, it runs well on mild dirt and gravel trails, moderately rocky terrain and paved surfaces with equal zest.

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