2012 Trail Running Shoe Review

TrekSta Edict, $135

Weight – M: 10.9 oz; W: 10.1 oz. 

Fit: The Edict has an exceptional, cradling fit that snugs up the heel and arch/midfoot area of the foot while a wider-than-normal forefoot gives ample room for toes to move and expand upon impact with the ground.

Feel: This shoe is somewhat of a ‘tweener; kind of a mix between a lightweight trail running shoe and a durable mountain runner. As such, it’s a semi-versatile do-everything shoe (even as a light hiker) for a casual trail runner, although it lacks the chops to be a long-distance mountain runner or a light-and-fast agile trail speedster. The forefoot feels low to the ground, but heel feels quite built-up. The Edict isn’t heavy, but its relative lack of agility doesn’t make it feel that light, either.

Ride: For what it is, the Edict runs pretty smoothly on flat and less-technical trails. It’s sufficiently cushioned and has a flexible rockplate to keep away “stingers” from sharp objects on the trail. But it doesn’t run as nimble some of the other models in this review, and, combined with the built-up cushioning in the heel, it’s difficult to find a consistent sweet spot on smooth to more-technical trails. The outsole’s low-profile lugs offer good grip while still allowing the shoes to run smoothly on flatter terrain.

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