2012 Trail Running Shoe Review

Photo: Scott Draper/Competitor

Columbia Ravenous Lite, $80


Weight — M: 6.5 oz.; W: 5.1 oz.

FIT: A low-volume model with a race-ready feel, the Ravenous Lite fits snug from heel to toe.

FEEL: There’s not much to this shoe, and that’s what makes it a good one. A thin sliver of soft midsole foam and a thin layer of durable outsole rubber are all that sits between the foot and the ground. That leads to a superior proprioception (the ability to feel the ground) and agility, but it can leave the bottom of the feet exposed to sharp objects.

RIDE: With its minimalist design and low-to-the-trail design, the Ravenous Lite inspires fast, nimble running, no matter if the trail is flat and soft, covered in gravel or strewn with boulders. But because it offers almost no protection or support, it’s only appropriate for dexterous runners with efficient, neutral gaits.

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