Fast Flats: U.S. Olympic Marathoners’ Racing Shoes

Shalane Flanagan, Nike

It’s hard to say what shoe Shalane will wear in London. We’ve asked, but so far haven’t gotten a definitive answer. Her husband, Steve Edwards, told us a few weeks ago that Shalane hadn’t yet decided on her shoes. In recent years, she’s often worn the Nike Zoom Marathoner, a shoe that Nike is no longer making. It’s not that she can’t get them, though. Nike has a warehouse of outdated shoes it can draw from and/or it could make up a custom pair if necessary, especially for an athlete who figures to have a very good chance of contending for a medal. Here’s a shot of the Nike Zoom Marathoners Nike cooked up for Paula Radcliffe at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. Different flag, but still red, white and blue.


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