Run By Rhythm: Music Players To Keep You Movin’

Photo: Scott Draper/Competitor

Check out these five products to keep you groovin’ on the go. 

Road Noise Sound Running, $80

When the Hood to Coast 200-mile relay banned headphones and began requiring runners to wear reflective vests during nighttime hours, Rob Stout from Lake Oswego, Ore., hard-wired small speakers to a reflective vest to keep his groove going. But cords became a nuisance and the speakers bounced around too much on his makeshift prototype. “There was too much stuff flopping around, and we figured there had to be a better way,” Stout says.

That better way evolved into the Road Noise Sound Running: a snug-fitting mesh running vest that features small, low-profile speakers that deliver quality sound from an MP3 music device or smartphone. (It doesn’t require batteries and has no external cords.) Stout launched the vest last summer in three colors: yellow, black and pink. The bold colors and reflective stripes, allow runners to be seen day or night, while the miniature speakers let runners remain aware of their surroundings while still listening to music.

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