Can CrossFit Make You A Better Runner?

In the specific sense, the short answer is no, but explosive, strength-based fitness programs can be beneficial.  

Explosive, strength-based fitness programs such as CrossFit are popping up all over the place and gaining steam amongst endurance athletes, with many proponents of these regimens claiming that following their training method will make you a better runner. However, as many experienced athletes know, training theory isn’t black and white and there is never a simple or short solution that can be applied universally.

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To that effect, it is possible that fitness regimens outside of running-specific workouts can help you improve — in certain situations, of course. In this article, we’ll explore both sides of the argument and explain why routines like CrossFit won’t help you improve your running in the specific sense, but could be a good supplement if you’re a beginner or an injury-prone athlete.

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