Bekele Speaks About Rupp’s Silver Medal

Kenenisa Bekele took fourth in the Olympic 10,000m final. Photo:

The ultimate 10,000m runner tips his cap at Alberto Salazar’s dynamic duo. 

Kenenisa Bekele: the name commands respect. After all, Bekele is a double Olympic gold medal winner in the 10,000m. But after the event in the London Games, the famous Ethiopian is taking time to pay some respect to Mo Farah and training partner Galen Rupp.

“I knew they were dangerous,” he said, “but I can’t stop them.”

Bekele was referencing the fact that Farah, a British runner won the gold medal, while Rupp, an American, nabbed silver.

After the race, Rupp, a former University of Oregon standout, said he couldn’t believe the results.

“I was surprised they went so strong,” said Bekele who finished a disappointing fourth.

Farah’s and Salazar’s coach, Alberto Salazar, said that in the past the Europeans and Americans had given up–resigned to let the Africans lead the way.

“I was starting to get a little antsy,” Rupp recalled of the Olympic final. “Tadese and some of those guys were surging and I was kind of wondering whether to go, and [Farah] just tapped me on the shoulder and said, ‘Just relax mate, everything’s fine, they’re going to come back. Play it cool right now and save everything to the finish.’”

“That really calmed me down.”

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