Craving A Smoke? Go For A Run!

Running is one of the best things you can do to fight smoking addiction. Photo: Reuters

One study has found that taking up running significantly curbs nicotine addiction. 

Smokers take note: the next time you feel the urge to light up, put down the cigarette and put on a pair of running shoes.

According to the results from a new study conducted by the University of Exeter in England, there is overwhelming evidence that demonstrates the ability of running to curb nicotine cravings.

“Certainly, exercise seems to have temporary benefits, and as such can be strongly recommended,” said Adrian Taylor, the head of the study who also teaches exercise and health psychology.

In the trials for the study, smokers were randomly assigned some sort of exercise, like running or brisk walking. Another group was made to sit–either playing video games or doing nothing.

None of the smokers who took part in the study were part of some sort of smoking cessation program.

According to Professor Taylor, the reason running is so good for smoking cessation is that it provides a significant distraction.

For More: Daily Mail

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