German Fernandez Turning A Corner

After a bout of illness and injury, German Fernandez says he's back. Photo:

After a lackluster showing at the Olympic Trials, the former NCAA champion says he’s rebounded.

With all the eyes on the likes of Galen Rupp, a relatively young American distance runner who just won a silver medal, one up-and-coming standout is hoping for a bit of the spotlight: German Fernandez.

After what he calls a “rough patch” due to illness and injury, the NCAA Champion from Oklahoma State thinks he’s on the road to recovery.

“I’m going in the right direction to get my momentum and my confidence back,” he said. “I know I can do special things.”

After graduating from Oklahoma State, Fernandez didn’t waste any time going pro, getting quickly snatched up by Nike.
In the Olympic Trials two months ago, Fernandez made it to the semifinals in the 1500. He is currently heading to Europe to take part in the summer track season there.
“I don’t want to just get to the Olympics,” he said. “I want to get there and medal.”
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