Marine Corps Marathon Opens Defer Program

Photo: Marine Corps Marathon

Registered runners unable to participate at the Oct. 28 marathon can delay to 2013

From: Running USA

On Wednesday, August 1, the Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) opened the Deferment Programfor all registered runners unable to participate in the 37th MCM on Sunday, October 28.

The deferment option available at enables runners to obtain a guaranteed spot to re-register for the following year’s MCM which will be held on Sunday, October 27, 2013. MCM participants can choose the deferment option for a fee of $46. There is no additional fee to re-register in 2013. An entry and its subsequent re-registration may only be deferred one time.

The MCM Deferment Program is open from August 1 to August 31, after that time runners will no longer be able to postpone their marathon participation.

“The Deferment Program can be a welcomed option for a registered runner who is facing an unforeseeable injury or personal conflict that will prevent them from participating in the MCM this year,” says MCM Director Rick Nealis. “The MCM makes deferment available so runners may still find motivation in running ‘The People’s Marathon.’”

All runners who complete the online deferment form will receive an instructional email in early 2013, explaining the MCM re-registration process. Runners must then register during the open period for all deferments, which will be announced early next year.

The Marine Corps Marathon honors the dedication, sportsmanship and patriotism of its participants. Runners from all walks of life participate in the largest marathon not to offer prize money, earning the name “The People’s Marathon”.

The 37th MCM will be held on October 28, 2012 in Arlington, VA. Visit for more information.

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