Mo Farah Tipped For Knighthood

Mo Farah may be visiting the Queen soon. Photo: RadioTimes

He now has two Olympic gold medals, but may be getting something more.

One of the greatest middle-distance runners in British history, Sebastian Coe, is excited about one athlete right now: Mo Farah.

Coe, who was the head of the London Games Organizing Committee says the double-gold-medal winner is the best of the best. “He will go down indelibly in British track and field as probably the greatest athlete we have produced.”

And so what’s next for Farah?

The marathon?

Maybe, but what the British seem to care about presently is when will be become Sir Mo Farah?

“Yeah right,” he said of the possibility of being touched with a sword by the Queen. “I don’t know about a knighthood. I’ve never thought of it. It would be something amazing if that did happen.”

Only six men have achieved what Farah achieved at the London Games. He now stands on the same ground with the likes of Hannes Kolehmainen, Emil Zatopek, Vladimir Kuts, Lasse Viren, Miruts Yifter, and Kenenisa Bekele.

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