Shades Of Summer: Performance Running Sunglasses

Photo: Scott Draper/Competitor

Check out these 5 sunglasses for performance-oriented running. 

1. Oakley Racing Jacket, $220

The Racing Jacket’s strongest features are its peripheral views and lenses, which transition smoothly and provide visible lighting even under the shade. Tending to slightly fog when sitting too close to the face, the Racing Jacket, overall, provides decent ventilation.

2. Smith Optics Parallel D Max, $129

The Parallel D Max feel extremely minimal; they’re hardly noticeable while running. The slight outward curve on the bottom of the frames offers extended sun protection to parts of the face where rays often hit.

3. Tifosi Wisp, $70

The arms of the feather-light glasses bow out around the head and sit on top of the ears to accommodate larger heads. However, the Wisps aren’t recommended for small faces, as the frames don’t hug the face, resulting in unwanted sunlight sneaking around the lenses.

4. Rudy Project Rydon Sport, $205

The Rydon Sport, which are on the higher end of the price spectrum, have photochromatic lenses that shield intense glare while still providing a non-cloudy view in low lighting. The only drawback is the arms feel a bit fragile.

5. SPY Optic OTF, $85 [EDITOR’S PICK]

The wrap-around design hug your face, which allows the frames to feel secure, in place and block the sun from all angles. For the price, the OTFs are a great value and are recommended as an entry-level sports model.

This piece first appeared in the July 2012 issue of Competitor magazine. 

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