Staff Blog: Close Calls

Photo: John Segesta

When I’m out running I tend to take in everything around me. I notice every flower. I examine every runner’s stride, while also taking note of his or her running shoes and whether or not they’re listening to music. It might be borderline creepy at how much I notice about people, but on the other hand it helps me stay safe because I’m constantly aware of everything that’s going on around me.

I try to run in high-pedestrian, low car traffic areas so I can keep my imagination occupied without worrying about getting run over by a car. About a year ago, however, I was running with one of my friends on a rural road where cars would come flying around corners. Coincidentally, almost no other runners would dare run there. Not realizing that this stretch of road was so dangerous until we started running on it, I was on heightened alert. We both ran without headphones so we could hear the cars, and we ran in the opposite direction of traffic so we could see the cars coming our way.

About 90 minutes into our run, and after we had already hurdled several road kills, a truck coming right toward us blew out a tire. My heart flew out of my chest as we both jumped into the roadside ditch, holding onto each other for dear life. Luckily, the car was still about one hundred feet away from us and when the tire blew out and the hubcap shot across the road away from us, but we both were in shock about how close we had come to getting hit.

Not wanting to take any more chances we called for a ride home and counted our lucky stars that we were paying attention in the midst of a scary situation.

Sound familiar? Have you had any close calls while running? Share your stories and safety tips in the comments section below!


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