Frank Shorter Returns To Munich

Frank Shorter on his way to gold in Munich.

The 1972 Olympic gold medalist in the marathon was there to film a documentary.

The city of Munich is a special place for Frank Shorter. After all, it was there that he won the gold medal in the men’s marathon at the 1972 Olympics.

Recently, Shorter returned there.

He wasn’t running the course, but instead toured it in a car as part of a documentary being filmed about the race.

On that day in 1972 Shorter made a gutsy move at the 9-mile mark and pulled away from the pack. He became the first American to win the Olympic marathon in 64 years.

But for Shorter, the memories of Munich aren’t limited to gold medals. It was at the same Games where 11 members of the Israeli team were gunned down by terrorists.

“I remember thinking [on race day], ‘I’m not going to think about the terrorists, because if I do, they win,’ ” Shorter recalled.

Shorter prides himself on the impact he’s had in the sport for so long after his win.

“I’ve just stayed involved over time,” he said. “I didn’t want to be the guy down at the end of the bar telling everyone how great I used to be.”

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