Micah True’s Ashes Spread At Chautauqua

Micah True is revered by many in running circles for his pure love of the sport. Photo: boulderweekly.com

A small group of close friends gathered in Boulder on Friday to remember Caballo Blanco.  

Nearly six months after he passed way from heart disease while running in New Mexico, Micah True, aka Caballo Blanco of “Born To Run” fame, returned home to his beloved trails in Boulder, Colorado on Friday.

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About 20 of True’s friends gathered at Chautauqua to remember him and spread some of his ashes along the trails where he often ran.¬†After he passed way in March, about 200 of True’s friends gathered at Chautauqua and ran to commemorate him, and similar memorial runs took place all around the country.

“I grieve and I cry every day for Micah,” said his girlfriend, Maria Walton. “But tonight he will be back among the Boulder trails he loved.”

Walton said some of True’s ashes will also be spread in Mexico’s Copper Canyon, where the legend of “Caballo Blanco” — meaning “white horse” — first started, and later gained popularity in Christopher McDougall’s best-selling book.

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