After The Revolution: Fall 2012 Running Shoe Review

K-Swiss Kwicky Blade-Light Neutral, $135

9.0 oz.; 8.0 oz.

Fit: The Kwicky Blade Light serves up a comfy soft snugness in the heel and midfoot, and has a roomy toebox afforded by a stretchy mesh upper. The seamless interior aided what several of our testers felt was virtually a customized fit.

Feel: This shoe has a soft interior, is super flexible and feels and runs very light. It has a moderately built-up heel (9mm heel-toe drop), but it’s also lower to the ground than most lightweight cushioned trainers. Although it’s definitely built to be a training shoe, several testers said they would consider it for racing and fast workouts.

Ride: The ride is softly cushioned and unstructured without much torsional rigidity, but the transition to the low-to-the-ground forefoot creates a feeling of inherent stability and responsiveness at toe-off. Our neutral testers loved the unfettered agility this shoe offers, but our wear-testers who favor some stability found it ran a bit too soft and free.

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