After The Revolution: Fall 2012 Running Shoe Review

Newton Gravity, $175

9.1 oz.; 7.6 oz.

Fit: The Gravity fits like a modern-day racing flat: narrow in the heel and midfoot and slightly roomier in the forefoot.

Feel: The Gravity feels light, airy and enveloping, thanks to a new upper that has enhanced comfort, fit and stability. It has a semi-firm flexibility quotient, but our testers reported that relative stiffness contributes to the shoe’s responsiveness.

Ride: The first thing you’ll notice about any pair of Newtons is the unique external actuator lugs that protrude from the forefoot of the shoe. From the bottom of the lugs, the Gravity has a relatively flat profile (4mm), which helps promote efficient running form with foot strikes near the midfoot (partially because heel striking feels awkward in this shoe.) The lugs take some getting used to, but one of the keys to finding the sweet spot, our testers said, is to run with a high cadence with relatively short strides and rhythmically light footsteps.

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