After The Revolution: Fall 2012 Running Shoe Review

Nike Air Pegasus+ 29, $100

10.2 oz.; 8.7 oz.

Fit: As with previous versions of the Pegasus, it has a plush, secure fit with sufficient room in the toebox and a cozy padded nest for the heel.

Feel: This shoe is comfortable and stable, but also marshmallowly soft. The cushioning took the sting out of pounding the pavement, but it also dampens the foot-to-ground connection, too. Most of our testers thought these shoes ran lighter and more nimble than they appeared, a fact likely aided by its easy-flexing demeanor.

Ride: A smooth, cushioned ride that easily and comfortably rolls from heel to toe-off. It’s reliably consistent and forgiving, especially for easier runs. It’s not a quick shoe, but it can be used for up-tempo distance runs.

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