After The Revolution: Fall 2012 Running Shoe Review

adidas AdiPure Motion, $110

7.2 oz.; 6.1 oz.

Fit: This low-volume, low-to-the-ground training model has a comfortable, vacuum-like fit. It’s reliably snug in the heel and midfoot and a stretchy elastic upper sufficiently snugs down the forefoot while still giving toes a little bit of horizontal wiggle room. Our testers almost unanimously suggested it felt better barefoot than with socks.

Feel: This is exactly what a minimalist shoe should be: lightweight, low-to-the-ground (despite a moderately high 11mm heel-toe differential) with a good combination of semi-firm cushioning and protection to keep the feet out of harm’s way. It allows a runner to feel just enough of the ground to cue good form but not enough to let a stray pebble cause shooting pain under your metatarsal heads.

Ride: Infinitely flexible and completely unstructured aside from a dual-density midsole foam package, this shoe moves precisely how your foot moves through the gait cycle. The more agile your form is, the smoother this shoe will feel. There is plenty of cushioning to accommodate heavy heel strikers, but it seems to flow better with lighter footstrikes. Our testers found it ideal for a variety of types of running, ranging from short post-workout drills, speed sessions and race-pace distance efforts.

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