After The Revolution: Fall 2012 Running Shoe Review

Saucony Ride 5, $110

9.8 oz.; 8.6 oz.

Fit: The Ride 5 has a reliably snug fit in the heel and midfoot area, but slightly more room in the forefoot for toe flex. It has a soft and comfortable interior, but it’s not overly plush or tight.

Feel: This lighter version of the Ride feels light, soft and flexible. Although it is sufficiently cushioned, it doesn’t feel high off the ground or bulky in the heel, thanks in part to its more moderate heel-toe differential (8mm). A removal of overlays and unnecessary add-ons, enhances the shoe’s free-flowing feel.

Ride: The Ride 5 serves up a lightweight, balanced and responsive ride that is also surprisingly stable. It has exceptional smoothness while rolling through a stride from touchdown to toe-off. Our testers raved about it as a high-mileage, everyday trainer and a few suggested they would consider racing in it.

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