After The Revolution: Fall 2012 Running Shoe Review

Scott T2c LTD, $120

8.3 oz.; 7.4 oz.

Fit: With a nearly seam-free upper and roomy toebox, the Scott T2c accommodated both wide and narrow foot shapes, although it’s best to size up; the samples we tested seemed to run slightly small.

Feel: There is a definitive rockered geometry to this shoe (and a 10mm heel-toe drop), which makes it conducive to a midfoot/forefoot running gait and discourages heel striking. It’s flexible and has a semi-soft underfoot with just enough cushioning to absorb impact but not so much that it inhibits connectivity with the ground. (The LTD version of this shoe has a water-repellent coating for running in damp or wet conditions.)

Ride: There is a springiness created by the rockered sole and semi-firm cushioning that makes running in these energizing, comfortable, speedy and pleasant for efficient, midfoot strikers. But given this profile, heavy heel strikers will find the transition from heel to toe a bit awkward.

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