After The Revolution: Fall 2012 Running Shoe Review

Editor’s Pick, Best Ride: adidas AdiZero Feather 2, $115

6.7 oz.; 5.6 oz.

Fit: The Feather 2 fits like most of Adidas’ lighter and faster low-volume shoes: comfortably and reliably snug from heel to toe. A strong seamlessly bonded hard plastic material wraps the rear of the foot, cinching down the heel and creating a connective nest to the lightweight mesh upper.

Feel: This fairly low-to-the-ground model (and a 10mm heel-toe drop) has the body of a lightweight trainer but the mind of a racing flat. It’s amply cushioned with semi-firm foam that provides a good mixture of shock absorption and responsiveness without feeling overly soft. The shoe has a well-ventilated upper that keeps feet from overheating in long hot-weather runs.

Ride: The Feather 2 rides like a racing flat and has plenty of pep for tempos, fartleks and other faster workouts. Still, our testers felt it had enough cushioning to be a high-mileage trainer for nimble, neutral runners.

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