After The Revolution: Fall 2012 Running Shoe Review

Editor’s Pick, Most Versatile: Brooks Ghost 5, $110

10.7 oz.; 8.8 oz.

Fit: This version of the Ghost fits similarly to its most recent iterations, with reliably padded and plush snugness in the heel and midfoot, and ample wiggle room in the toebox.

Feel: Like the Ghost 4, this version is a lightweight high-mileage trainer with a good amount of cushioning—more bouncy than squishy—yet enough inherent zip to be a versatile, do-everything shoe. Testers rated them as being sturdy (with just enough support) but not stiff. There’s plenty of cushioning in the heel and midfoot but less so in the forefoot, which testers said encouraged decent turnover and the ability to run up-tempo workouts.

Ride: The Ghost 5 got high marks for being a smooth-riding cruiser that’s versatile enough for long, slow runs and some faster-paced workouts. Several testers remarked that the shoe ran lighter and faster than it looked despite a more traditionally built-up heel (12mm heel-toe drop).

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