“Bionic Suit” Runner Thwarted By French

Claire Lomas has switched from bionic suit to adaptive bike. Photo: Telegraph

She wasn’t allowed to raise funds for a planned charity bike ride there.

Claire Lomas is used to obstacles. The 32-year-old mother of one who is from Eye Kettleby, near Melton Mowbray  in Leicestershire, England was left paralyzed from an equestrian accident several years ago. This past April, she completed the London Marathon in 16 days–on her feet.

Lomas walked the course in a special bionic suit and received worldwide attention for her feat.

However, Lomas has encountered a setback with her recent fundraising attempt: cycling 200 miles in France to raise money for spinal research, using two adaptive bikes.

French authorities said she cannot ask people for donations while she is in the country.

Instead, Lomas will bike 400 miles in her native country.

“We were ok doing the bike ride, but because the charity isn’t registered in France we would not be allowed to collect as we went along,” she said. “That would really restrict the amount of cash we could raise. So we decided rather than things getting really complicated we’d try to do another challenge.

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