“Joggler” Prepares For NYC Marathon

Jack Hirschowitz juggles around the reservoir in Central Park. Photo: New York Times

It will be his fifth 26.2-mile race.

Jack Hirschowitz isn’t your typical runner. At this year’s New York City Marathon, the 67-year-old psychiatrist will be toeing the line and heading out on the course while keeping three spheres in the air.

Hirschowitz is a “joggler”, which means he runs and juggles.

“It’s mayhem at the start,” he said. “Everyone is excited. People are taking pictures. Elbows are jostling.”

Just in case Hirschowitz drops his beanbags he says he’s prepared.

“I carry two extra in my fanny pack just in case,” he said. “They flatten if they get stepped on.”

Hischowitz has joggled five marathons. He will become the oldest person to complete a marathon while juggling.

He says he started juggling first and then turned to running.

Some people call him the intellectual jogger.

“I’m flattered to be called that,” he said, “but I really don’t try to perform.” He notes that when he runs in Central Park, people cheer him on, saying “Go , juggler, go!”

For More: The New York Times

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