Julie Culley Still Running Hard After Olympics

Julie Culley realized her dream in London two months ago. Photo: PhotoRun.net

Her persistence got her to the 5000m final.

American track star Julie Culley used to worry about jinxing her chances of making it into the Olympics.

Not so anymore. Culley achieved her dream recently in London when she represented the United States at the Summer Games.

Culley went on to race in the final in the 5000m event there, where she ran a 15:05 personal best. Now, two months after the Games, the magnitude of that race hasn’t set in yet for her.

“I think it comes in waves,” recalled Culley, who is preparing for her marathon debut in November at New York. “I’ll be going about my day and I’ll be like, ‘Oh my God, I made the Olympics.’ It’s been a dream for so long, I almost can’t believe it’s already come and gone.”

Culley’s coach, the legendary Frank “Gags” Gagliano says his athlete made it to the Games thanks to good old-fashioned perseverance.

“People see a young lady who had success in high school, but not tremendous success,” Gagliano said. “She had success in college, but not great success. Over the years, she never quit.”

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