Staff Blog: It’s All About The Bling!

Oh, the things a girl will do to get a piece of jewelry from a tuxedo-clad firefighter! 

There are lots of reasons why we run: to kill stress, stay in shape, lose weight, etc. And there are also lots of reasons why we run races. For me, location is key. I love races with a view or that start near my home. You can’t beat rolling out of bed on race morning, walking to the start, not having to worry about traffic or parking and then get to run along the beach. Yeah, living and racing in San Diego isn’t bad — well, minus the crowded running paths, of course.

But the main reason I put my next race on the schedule was for a different reason. I want the medal.

Now, I have tons of medals and most of them just end up in a junk drawer and I will probably never look at them again. But this race’s medal is different. It’s a Tiffany & Co., necklace! Call me shallow, but having a tuxedo-clad firefighter hand me a little blue box with a sterling silver necklace emblazoned with “T&Co” sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

The race is the San Francisco Nike Women’s Marathon and Half Marathon and the Tiffany necklace is no joke. Every runner who crosses the finish line is handed her (or his) very own little blue box with a necklace to wear and boast about.

This year’s race is in less than two weeks away on Oct. 14 and I’m looking forward to wearing my necklace around — that is, if I can survive 13.1 miles over San Francisco’s infamous hills!

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