Aqua Jogging For Injured Runners

Can’t run? Keep your legs moving in the pool!

Being injured is no fun. It doesn’t matter if you’re an elite runner logging 120 miles per week or you are training for your first 5K, being sidelined because you’re unable to run is physically and emotionally hard to deal with on a daily basis.

Respected biomechanics expert Jay Dicharry estimates that eighty-two percent of runners will get injured at some point in their running career. So, it’s likely that at some point of your running career you’ll encounter injury, especially if you exhibit training or structural issues that make you more likely to get injured.

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Where do many injured runners turn when they can’t run? The pool. Over the following few pages let’s take a look at the research and science surrounding the benefits of one of the most effective cross-training methods for runners, aqua jogging, or pool running. I’ll also share some challenging workouts you can perform in the pool that will keep you fit should you be sidelined with an injury.

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