Course Knowledge Pays Off For Philly Winner

Mike McKeeman flashes a thumb's up for his win. Photo: NBC Philadelphia

He knew every twist and turn.

A day after winning one of the largest marathons on the east coast, Michael McKeeman of Ardmore, Pa., was still coming to grips with the experience.

Last Sunday, McKeeman clocked 2:17:47 in the Philadelphia Marathon.

“I feel like I’ve never really won something that big,” he said.

His secret?

He’s local and he knows the course inside and out.

“I just know every little turn and I know how the wind blows even,” McKeeman said. “Because I feel it’s almost always the same wind direction out there. So I know from doing so many runs out there alright we’re  gonna come around this corner the wind’s going to be in our face for a while so I need to kind of relax or tuck in but then once we make this other curve then it’s gonna be at the side so we can push the pace a little more — so that definitely helps.”

McKeeman said besides knowing the course, the fact that he was running for a local store, the Bryn Mawr Running Company, helped him, too.

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