Hostility Lingers Over NYC Marathon Handling

Mary Wittenberg is still under fire for her handling of the NYC Marathon. Photo: AP

Many runners aren’t happy with the official decisions last week.

The chief executive of the New York Road Runners, Mary Wittenberg, remains in the crosshairs of many members of the public.

Their beef: her handling of that city’s marathon cancellation last week due to Hurricane Sandy—a late decision two days before the race.

Since then, Wittenberg and many members of the New York Road Runners have been on Staten Island, donating time and supplies to help victims.

But these efforts have not stopped people from calling for Wittenberg’s resignation.

Many runners are going as far as giving up their membership to the NYRR.

“All she cares about is hitting her financial numbers,” wrote Colleen Kirk on the Road Runners’ Facebook page.

“This organization owes the city of NY a huge apology!” Jamie Stephens commented in another post. “Shame on you for what you tried to pull. Your current efforts are just too little too late. Very disgusting indeed.”

Still, regardless of the comments from Wittenberg’s opponents, it is unlikely that she will resign.

For More: The New York Times

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