Paula Radcliffe Reflects On Injury

Paual Radcliffe isn't sure about her racing future. Photo:

The marathon world-record holder isn’t sure if her career is over.

It’s been a challenging year for British long-distance runner Paula Radcliffe. A persistent foot injury kept her from running in the 2012 Olympics in London and now she fears she may be permanently sidelined because of it.

“Some of the pain will be better but I don’t know whether I’ll be able to get back to elite level,” she told the Telegraph recently. “But the alternative was not being able to run, even recreationally. That’s why I wanted to try it.”

Radcliffe turns 39 next month and opened up about the day she missed the Olympic race. She had planned to attend it as a spectator, but she said she couldn’t bear to leave her hotel room. “I thought that they might come and out really hit it, and that [Mary] Keitany would be in really great shape, but she wasn’t,” said Radcliffe of the marathon. “That made me feel even sadder because it wasn’t as if they were miles ahead and I would only have been running for top five or top six. I could have been in there fighting for it, and that almost makes it harder to take.”

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