Running For A Greater Cause In New York City

Toby Tanser led a group of New York City charity runners last weekend. Photo: New York Times

Central Park became a gathering place for those running for others.

Last Sunday is now being called “Non-Marathon Sunday” in New York City. The name refers to the cancellation of the world’s largest marathon due to the devastation wreaked by Hurricane Sandy.

But that didn’t stop people from running 26.2 miles.

In fact, a group of 52 marathoners headed into Central Park next to the towering Metropolitan Museum of Art. These runners had raised $3000 each for the Shoe4Africa charity that was started by philanthropist runner Toby Tanser.

Tanser lead the group of runners on Sunday.

“People involved in running are giving people, helping people,” Tanser said. “I wanted to base my charity around those people.”

Elsewhere in the park, around the same time, Rebecca Hanson departed for a run with friend Mwangi Gitahi. The two, who both live in Manhattan, had formed a Facebook group to raise money for the hurricane victims.

Because of the generosity of 65 donors, both Hanson and Gitahi raised $2620 for the cause.

For More: The New York Times

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